Bluetooth Solutions for Car Audio

  A&W's Bluetooth Solutions, one of the most complete Bluetooth solutions on the market, provide the Bluetooth connection, handsfree functions, and other integrated solutions, such as Text-to-Speech (TTS), Voice Recognition (VR), and so on.

Full features of handsfree functions
A&W provides the complete Bluetooth solution with full
features of handsfree functions, such as call in/out, call waiting/switching, conference calls, 2-Link/multiple links to phones, and dial pad, etc. It offers the best compatibility with phones and the most complete testing lab for mobile phones.

Top-of-the-line phonebook compatibility

A&W's Bluetooth Solutions boast the industry-winning compatibility for phonebook support. It allows users to download thousands of phone contacts from mobile
phones with multiple field entries, and to browse or call out. With this incredibly powerful compatibility, the mobile phones it supports are outnumbered the record among competition.

High Quality A2DP Support

For wireless music streaming, A&W provides highly performed and well compatible A2DP source/sink high quality audio (16 bits 44.1 K).

Complete integration solution of all functions

A&W provides the integration solution of different functions, including call history/SMS transfer, Text-to-Speech (TTS), Voice Recognition (VR), Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), Two-Link, Internet connection (HSDPA/3G/GPRS/...), and so on.

Wide-ranged system support



Top Compatibility With Phones
World-leading Solutions

  A&W's Bluetooth Solutions support different Bluetooth modules (CSR BC03/05 MM,...), Bluetooth stack drivers (ex. Microsoft Bluetooth stack,...), and OS (WinCE, Android,...).

Powerful A&W Bluetooth stack driver
A&W proudly provides its own Bluetooth stack driver, which is scalable for code size, and able to achieve high performance with limited system resources (such as computing power or runtime memory,...). Moreover, A&W Bluetooth stack driver has lots of experience on working with different MCUs (such as CSR-SiRF, SAMSUNG, STMicro, Freescale, NEC, TI, Renesas, Telechips, Fujitsu, ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, MIPS,...) and systems, and is highly estimated.

Multimedia Solutions

In addition to the Bluetooth solutions, A&W also provides multimedia solutions for car audio devices, such as Media Player with functions that can be fine-tuned for different systems and CPUs, Email Client, and Mini Browser, etc.




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