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With years of experience in developing and crafting solutions for Bluetooth wireless technology and mobile multimedia products, A&W provides the best embedded firmware and software solutions for wide spectrum of mobile applications.

Along with top proven connectivity and compatibility, A&W’s Bluetooth solutions are capable of supporting Bluetooth stack/profiles for diverse platforms, including Win CE, XP/Vista, Linux, Android, RTOS, and embedded systems. A&W also provides complete
test lab, the best mobile phone compatibility, and high quality integration with Acoustic
tech TTS/VR/echo cancellation, audio/video capability, multiple connection, and BQB consultation and certification.

A&W’s creative and high-efficient work team maximizes product value to new heights, enables the shortest time to market, and make your products outshine among
competition and the top choice for all users.


A&W's Bluetooth software applications can be applied to various multimedia wireless devices and diverse platforms, including:


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Application Devices:
  • Automotive---PNDs, in-dash GPS, handsfree car kits, Car AV/head unit
  • Telecom---Mobile phones, smartphones, Bluetooth headsets, speakerphones , Two-way radio
  • Consumer Devices---Digital cameras, photo printers, digital photo frames, headsets, PMP, MP3 players, Bluetooth speaker systems, gaming devices, Bluetooth toys, home entertainment systems
  • Personal Systems---PC, UMPC, MID, netbook

Operating Systems: PC, WinCE, WinMobile, Linux, Android, CSR Bluelab, other RTOS

Bluetooth Chipsets: HCI base ROM chips, such as CSR BC04-ROM and BC06-ROM; or flash base, such as CSR BC05-MM, RoadTunes, etc.
System Integration: Text-to-Speech (TTS), Voice Recognition (VR), Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), Two-Link, Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), Internet connection (GPRS)…
Mobile Phone Compatibility: On our support list, there are over 500 mobile phones with Bluetooth wireless technolohy of the top manufacturers on the market, including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, Siemens, LG, and BlackBerry, etc.


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