Our Company

A&W is a multinational company with a global vision. Our mission is simple: Develop essential software to enhance your multimedia device.

Since A&W was founded in 2000, we have consistently devoted ourselves to advancing the state of the art in multimedia technology. Our primary goal is to enable robust connectivity between various media and their data formats. We integrate these elements so that end-users can enjoy and share their multimedia content anywhere, anytime.

Our management team has extensive experience in digital image processing, media file conversion, data transmission, and embedded software for digital communications. Our company's core products include intelligent photo correction for digital images, enhancement
of streaming video, VoIP and audio management, and wireless or cabled connection software for media devices.

With our combined expertise, we are uniquely positioned to produce software that adds functionality to peripheral devices. We mate advanced technology with a friendly user interface to create solutions that effortlessly manage connection and communication. Our products add value and convenience to your phone, camera, or headset by making it easier to use.

We envision a time when video, voice, and data are shared by interconnected media, whether by phone or computer network, anytime and anywhere, from South America to Russia or from the beach to the office. At A&W, we're working toward a fully-connected lifestyle.


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